Label: Melodic Rock Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Sound of Eternity is a melodic hard rock band from Honduras. Their debut album is entitled, “Visions & Dreams” and lyrically the band presents a strong Christian message which is somewhat unique in this day and age. Of course, bands like Stryper and Barren Cross have been doing it for years, but it is still rare for a young band to emerge with such a positive outlook and message.

“Visions & Dreams” contains 10-songs 45-minutes worth of melodic hard rock with a modern edge. The intro “Visions & Dreams” kicks things off and segues into the best song “Call to Action”. This is a great representation of what SOE has to offer. From there we have songs like “Running to You”, “Broken Heart” and “Reason to Live” which are also stellar and definitely commercially viable. Musically I would say that SOE are comparable to Anette Olzon’s pre-Nightwish band Alyson Avenue and the vocalist Beatriz has a bit of an Anette Olzon slant to her style.

“Visions & Dreams” contains catchy hook-laden songs, killer harmonies and a strong female vocalist. Sound of Eternity possesses all of the above.

Review – 70/100



  1. Visions & Dreams
  2. Call to Action
  3. Running to You
  4. Broken Heart
  5. Reason to Live
  6. Alpha & Omega
  7. My Saviour
  8. Eternal Love
  9. Forever
  10. Universe


Line Up

  • Beatriz Aranda – Vocals
  • Jean Funes – Guitars
  • Erik Martensson – Bass & Keyboards (Guest)
  • Andreas Passmark – Bass (Guest)
  • Rui Prado – Drums



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