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Interview by Miriam C. & Alessandra Cognetta

Although Exploding Eyes Orchestra have in common with Jess and the Ancient Ones five out of seven members, it’s a huge mistake to consider EEO a mere outlet where JATAO‘s mainman Thomas Corpse pours out the collected stuff that was excluded from the JATAO‘s sessions. Back in June, the collective has released their first album simply entitled “I”and here we are talking about it. According to the recent news, EEO‘s second instalment is already in the pipeline to be released next year.

Hi Thomas, welcome back to Femme Metal Webzine! How are you?

All cool. Just chilling back at my house in the good old Green Needle Hill. 220 meters above the sea level…sweet.

More than a band we must consider The Exploding Eyes orchestra an outlet for the material that you found incompatible for JATAO but let me ask you, when you realized that you have collected so much and on which basis you decide that stuff is not fit for JATAO?

Well The Ancient Ones were having a minor break. Music being pretty much my main interest, so I kicked back in the couch with my acoustic, and see what comes out. Suddenly all these songs were popping up, and they were kinda singer/songwriter sounding stuff to begin with. Maybe there was influence from Bod Dylan and Neil Young, don’t know, but they were acoustic pieces. I wanted to try out something different with them, and I felt that JATAO had a clear vision of things to come. Did not want to mess with that, and thus a side-spinner was formed to bring these songs out. I think it was the right the call:)

From this discarded sessions the outcome is “I”, the debut album of The Exploding Eyes Orchestra. Do you have an exact timeline of when you have started to write this songs and when the recording session took place?

If my memory serves me right, it all took place in 2013. It was a fast process all in all, but alas, it took  a year to wait for it to be released. We experienced all these basic modern obstacles from missing files etc. That was torture. I always want to be moving forth, so the songs feel like thousand years old already, and the second album has not even been released, hahah. Oh my, what a world.

From what I know there are already plans for a second full length that, according the press release, will be published in the spring of 2016, called “II”. What can you anticipate about it?

Actually, we recorded it in the same sessions with “I”. It was supposed to be a double album, but we decided to use them for two releases. I think the double album would have been too messy to listen you know? It is not that thematic, more of a collection of different songs. The “II” album is maybe a bit more floaty and experimental? Hard to say, as at the moment I don’t even remember all the songs that were in it, hahah.

How could we frame EEO from a musical standpoint compared to JATAO, since they have five out of seven members in common?

I think JATAO is more psych oriented and driven by different sounds and goals than Exploding Eyes. EEO just goes out and jams without higher hopes. Just “having some fun” in a smaller scale I’d say. It keeps your mind fresh.

Lyrically speaking, which thematics are treated in EEO‘s “I”?

They are filled with some thoughts about the modern era. Depression, isolation, fear, cultural death of the West…all things related to modern man in my opinion. I’m kinda waiting for someone to bring this big shit house down. Some heads are gonna roll soon, or so it seems when you open your TV. World yesterday, and today are the subjects of the Exploding Eyes.

I’m sure that the cover album in some ways depicts the song “Black Hound” but I’m really curious to know more about it so do you have any insight to share?

The album were supposed to be called “Drawing Down the West”, and thence the dying bull represents the bleeding West. I’m not into politics, and it’s to be seen as cultural death. There is certain “Apocalypse Now!” feel to it, and I think Adam Burke did beautiful work yet again. He be wizards! The song “Black Hound” is a Lovecraft tribute of sort. It also carries the message, that one should know the past in order to know what is now. The harmonica was played by Brother Andy. Gave it some Morricone twist. I also played lap steel on that piece…a lovely wailing instrument it is.

So, Thomas, it’s time for your parting words – I really thank you for your time – please greet freely our readers and your fans. Thanks again!

Thank you, my pleasure! Next year will bring the second album, soon the wait is over!


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Photos by Jarkko Pietarinen

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