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Interview by Miriam C.

Almost two years ago [read here], I’ve accomplished one of my dreams: interview JATAO‘s mainmain Thomas Corpse – now, it’s time to dig into the new album“The Horse and Other Weird Tales” and so, consequently, it was time for an update, for know more how this mysterious Finnish band keeps to mesmerize the press and its listeners, for learn how every album offers a different musical development. If you’re still intrigued, here it served your pleasure the interview.

Hi Thomas, welcome back to Femme Metal Webzine. “The Horse and Other Weird Tales” was released via Svart Records on the 1st December. What you can share about its production? When did you start to collect ideas for this full-length?

I guess I’m always thinking about the next one, so the mental process started as the previous one was recorded. Maybe like 9 months ago, we started to work hard with the arrangements. You could say our eyes were hunting the details this time around. The production side we wanted be as lively as can be. We wanted to rock.

If we might draw a parallel between “The Horse and Other Weird Tales” and previous album “Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes” that was released back in December 2015, for a musical and lyrical standpoint, which are the differences that we should notice?

On the new album the songs are much tighter, and there are less instruments than before, so the soundscape is really different. Also, the previous album had more longer and complex songs, as on the new we tend to go straight to the point and groove it. The lyrical matters are still the same in core, but served with more aged and refined look.

When the press release states that “the band went for an organic and human approach” while recording and mixing, in particular what is referring to?

Pumping the songs in live, and go for the best takes. Minor mistakes and noises that come with the playing are allowed on tape. We wanted our live sound to be heard on the album, and that’s what it basically is. No insane after-productions or mixing wizardry. Just keeping the balance, and letting it flow.

It’s astonishing how JATAO ‘s artworks never cease to amaze me for their beauty: it’s fully enriched with details and it does recall me the vivid colors from the Expressionism era but how this exuberant piece of art reflects the general lyrical vision of the album?

All the images on the cover are scissored from second hand books, that I have been buying from the local flea markets. After gathering the material (so many trips to town), they were glued to a black carton paper as a collage work. Every image was kept in relation with the lyrics, and the things that inspired me when writing. Making the cover was really lovely to do.

“The Horse and Other Weird Tales” was introduced by the singles “Minotaure” and “Return to Hallucinate” [listen here]. What insights can you partake about this two specific songs?

“Minotaure” was inspired by Salvador Dali‘s work. It was the last track to be written on the album, and it came together in a heartbeat. Some songs are like that…they come without warning. “Return to Hallucinate” was something that came together with an acoustic guitar originally. Maybe someday we’ll release acoustic pieces of our songs? Well maybe not…the world already is terrible enough.

Back in 2015, The Exploding Eyes Orchestra released their debut aptly named “I” and at the time, it was known knowledge that the band was supposed to release their second album in 2017. If the band is still alive, what are the next band plans?

The Exploding Eyes are still alive, and the second album will be released in 2018. It’s been recorded at the same time as the first, but life got to it, hahah. Anyhow, it is coming. We have member changes coming within TEEO and will later announce info regarding this manner. Some new material can be expected, but when…who knows. Jess and the Ancient Ones is keeping us busy, and that’s the way I like it (think of the melody?).

So, I really thank you for your time. Please be free to greet our readers and fans as you wish.

Thank you for roasting my brains, love to you all!



Photos by Jaarko Pietarinen

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