VISIONATICA: An interview with Tamara Amedova


Interview by Miriam Cadoni

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VISIONATICA‘s second album “Enigma Fire” marks the collaboration with the Italian powerhouse label Frontiers Records Srl. Nuremberg-based symphonic metal VISIONATICA manages to unite the best of both worlds: the Northern metal class with the Balkan Eastern traditional sounds. Let’s discover together with the singer Tamara Amedova more about it.

First of all, Tamara, welcome to Femme Metal Webzine. How are you and how today is treating you?

Thank you! I’m fine.

Before delving into your upcoming release “Enigma Fire ”, would you like to present your band with some biographical hints to our readers that maybe are not still familiar with VISIONATICA?

We are a symphonic metal band with our distinct identity from Germany near Nuremberg. First, Manu and I got to know each other through an online blackboard for musicians, after which we completed the rest of the band.

As previously announced, VISIONATICA’s second album “Enigma Fire” was released on 12th July via Frontiers Records Srl. What you can share about its overall production and genesis?

The fact that we had the opportunity to release our album through Frontiers Music Srl, has filled us with pride and made us happy. The production was exciting and action-packed. We worked together with great people, different musicians, singers, and actors. It was a great honor and was unforgettable. The time in the studio was fun and “Enigma Fire” came out with more ‘heat’ because of it. We have learned to do so because life is naturally a learning process. We dared more and courageously showed our own identity.

Also, “Enigma Fire” marks the collaboration with the Italian powerhouse label Frontiers Records Srl. How did you manage to get in contact with them a sign a deal with such a prestigious label?

We had a lot of support and contacts through our management Dr. Music Management. We knew that Frontiers is an excellent and successful label, so we were very happy about this fantastic offer.

[Photo by Michael Liewald –]

On top of all, “Enigma Fire” is your second album who follows your debut “Force of Luna”. Which differences you can denote from your debut? How and in which do you think the band has generally improved?

This time we dared to experiment more and let our own creativity and identity flow. In “Enigma Fire” I really wanted to show my southern origins. My father stems from Macedonia and thus I know and I love this kind of music very much. This is also why you hear these oriental and Balkan influences in the album.

Once again, you worked with Gate Studios’s producer Olaf Reitmeier and Timon Seidl, how was work with them?

Fantastic! These guys excel at their trait. Working with them is always a great pleasure and a great honor.

I was curious to learn that in “Enigma Fire” among the normal symphonic metal elements, VISIONATICA combines new oriental elements and Balkan influences. How had this idea born?

Yes, as already mentioned, my father is from Macedonia. He and my uncle were musicians there and when they came to Germany, they also earned their money with music. Almost every summer I visit my family there, so of course, I know the culture and the music. I really wanted to incorporate this music into “Enigma Fire” and would like to make it a part of VISIONATICA in the future as well. We write our songs from the bottom of our heart and always bring in what touches us, what we love and what makes us different. I think you can just hear that in the album. It gives the whole a personal touch and a connection to our own roots.

In addition, between 2 lyrical videos and 1 official videoclip – 3 singles were taken from “Enigma Fire” which namely are “The Pharaoh”, “Fear” and “Roxana the Great”. Do you mind to explore with us more about its main lyrical themes?

“The Pharaoh” is about the mystery of the origin of life, the question of where we come from and that we are certainly not the only ones in the universe. It’s also about the secrets of the past because according to pre-astronautics (a topic that fascinates me very much), mankind has been much further ahead than we are today, but the clear traces and the real evidence have all been erased. The little remaining evidence for this lies still there in Egypt. Maybe we’ve already destroyed ourselves once because it’s something that humanity does over and over again.

Of course, the song “Fear” is as banal as it sounds about fear. To the fear that life could be over in a hurry, no matter what … an accident, a crime, or something else. It’s also about the fear of what comes afterward. The song should also say: we must not let ourselves be determined by fear and control, because we ourselves have our fate in our own hands. And at some point, we have to face our fears.

“Roxana the Great” – I think I will write about a strong woman in every one of our upcoming albums. After Lilith, I chose Roxana The Great, the first wife of the famous king of Macedonia – where my family comes from. She was a dancer and very close to Alexander the Great.

What 2019 has in store for VISIONATICA in terms of touring extensively in Europe?

We hope to be able to play bigger festivals soon and also to go on a European tour and maybe also in the USA. We are always looking forward to the future and want to inspire many different countries with our music live.

So, Tamara, we’re almost at the end and with this please be free to say hi to your fans and our readers. Thank you so much for this interview!

We thank our fans from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for your loyalty and your never-ending support! Without you, we would never have come this far, you are the best! Thank you, Miriam, for that great Interview. It was a pleasure!

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