Interview by Miriam C.

I’ll admit that this time was a demanding task but if you haven’t understood I like to challenge myself and propose something out of the ordinary, well, first and foremost I must thank the guys over at Resonance Media especially Mr.Dave Cirone for make it happen for endless time and being so patient with me. Now, how I can introduce YOUSEI TEIKOKU to the ones that aren’t familiar with this band? The anime aficionados (or J-Rock fans, anyway the lovers of the Japanese musical scene) already know that a lot of their songs are featured in many Japanese anime/videogames soundtracks and the easiest way to explain who they are is directly quoting the press release: “YOUSEI TEIKOKU is a heavy metal band whose music mixes gothic rock, metal, electronic, and classical music with themes of fantasy and power” but I think it’s not thorough this definition because YOUSEI TEIKOKU is something more, it’s a parallel world where dreams and fairytales live so, at this point, I prefer let speak the Empress of the Fairy Empire herself for present their 6th album “SHADOW CORPS[e]” out on Lantis now. Join us in this magical Japanese journey…

Hello Yui, or I better say Your Highness, welcome to Femme Metal Webzine. How the life in the The Empire of the Fairies is treating you?

The number of humans who, in their heart, genuinely believe in fairies is dwindling. The Empire is faltering and faces destruction.

For the readers that still don’t know YOUSEI TEIKOKU would you mind introduce your band?

There is an empire called the Fairy Empire (Yousei Teikoku) that has been devastated. I am the Dictator for life of this empire. I am also the leader of a band of the same name. This is the 3rd incarnation of Yousei Teikoku.

I’m quoting from the press release “The band promises that this new album will be the first step in a new direction for YOUSEI TEIKOKU“. What is changed from “PAX VESANIA” that was released back on 2013 and from your point of view which are the main differences, musically speaking, that you can notice between “SHADOW CORPS[e]” and the previous album?

This time, Shadow Corps(e)” was the first album where we recorded all the instruments raw together. Also, we included an instrumental track and this album feels makes us feel and sound more like a band.

YOUSEI TEIKOKU‘s peculiarity is that most of the tracks present on their releases are stricly composed for anime series and video game soundtracks. Since I discovered your band I wonder how you get involved into this projects, I mean how the process works?

I watch the anime program and I think a lot about the subject matter when writing the lyrics and arrangement. I’ve never consciously thought to make something like an “anime song”. But I thought anime songs are often made with a catchy melody so… perhaps our song sounds like an anime song.

The main intention of YOUSEI TEIKOKU is “regaining the forgotten hearts of those who believe in fairies”. As the Empress of the Fairy Empress, do you think you are succedeeding in your mission during these years or the Humans souls’ are completely lost?

Right now, it’s not going so well. Regardless, I’m thinking I want to gain more subjects both inside and outside of Japan.

I’ve watched the MV for “Yami-iro Corsage” that will be featured in the new JRPG Valiant Knights. Do you want to tell us more about it?

This song is about a female character in “Valiant Hearts” who wields the power of darkness. That’s why the theme of darkness came into the equation when this song was made.

During the years, not only YOUSEI TEIKOKU‘s musical style has changed but with it are changed your dresses/creations and we can notice this from the different photoshoots that we can find on the web. How your dresses get created and from what you get influenced?

My taste is always changing and I’m influenced by the music, film and books of the time. Also, I try and create a cool style that hasn’t been created before.

How is born the idea to feature into “SHADOW CORPS[e]”, the cover of “Tainai Tokei Toshi Orrery” from the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena?

Yousei Teikoku always tries to find a composition that represents our roots, and this song perfectly fit our focus at this moment.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. In conclusion, do you have any final words for your overseas fans? Thank you very much for your time!

Hereafter, we expect our international performances to increase. I’m anxiously awaiting the day to meet my international subjects.


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