Revenience – Daedalum (2016)


Sliptrick Records

Review by Tatianny Ruiz

Oh the modern metal (sighs), this seems like a definite new wave to the year we live but what about when we go back to 2016 to find a great band in beautiful Italy fusing the metal into a category that just advances, that would be a pleasant surprise, going back three years ago to the release of REVENIENCE‘s album “DAEDALUM“, released by Sliptrick Records on January 25rd, 2016.

Defined by modern metal lines REVENIENCE is a Bologna-based band featuring a single, “Shamble“, in addition to the full-length I describe now. The band took its final form at the end of 2014 during Daedalum‘s recordings, from the work of active musicians for several years on various projects in the Italian underground metal scene.

Before I continue this review it must be said that in addition to the single and the album DAEDALUM the band even released an EP in 2017 called “Revenant“.

Now armed with all the details we come to the album on “FLAIL” and although there are hundreds of female vocalists right now Debora‘s voice sounds calmly sweet and balanced in contrast to the guttural weight of the backing vocal, the instrumental orchestrated in the background also provides an excellent delicious energy turning the trail into a fabulous moment. We will follow “IN A LANDSCAPE Of WINTER” and its epic introduction of pure symphony, violins and choirs take the air and perpetual winter can be felt as much as the cool breeze of the Italian plains, a bit of a disadvantage that this introduction does not come over  a track structured on it but if there’s sweetness and magnificence on one side, then “REVENANT’S” more passionate personality and its keyboards and brief acoustic guitar parts on the other, an easy path to follow for “SHAMBLE” and its macabre theatrical sound.

I really like the sound of REVENIENCE, the guitars are very cohesive and there is a lot of keyboard work in all the effort, of course they have their own facet, their own style, and the tempo changes like in “BLOWN AWAY BY THE WIND”demonstrates a wide selection of possibilities for the future of these musicians.

DAEDALUM‘ defines itself as a very enjoyable album for listening, there is absolutely nothing surprising but REVENIENCE was able to deliver us a band seeking professionalism in a crystal clear presence and perfect instrumental performance. I may not be entirely sure about the future of these musicians but I would really like to see them dare a little more and get out of the safe zone.  Highlight for the tracks “SHADOWS AND SILENCE” and “A-Maze

Rating – 80/100


  1. In A Landscape Of Winter
  2. Blown Away By The Wind
  3. Shamble
  4. Flail
  5. Lone Island
  6. A-Maze
  7. Not My Choice
  8. Revenant
  9. Shadows And Silence

Line Up:

  • Debora Ceneri – Vocals
  • Simone Spolzino – Drums
  • Fausto De Bellis – Bass
  • Michele Di Lauro – Guitars
  • Pasquale Barile – Keyboards


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Sliptrick Records

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