THE EDGE OF PARADISE @ The Mix, Seattle, WASHINGTON, USA – 27/04/2013


Live Report and Photo by Vinnie Johnson

Edge of Paradise, heavy metal band from California stormed through Seattle WA this past Saturday, April 27th and they marked their presence. I’ve discovered Edge of Paradise a few months ago when they released their single, “Break Away”. I was curious to find out weather they are just another female fronted act or a band to watch, and they are definitely the latter. With solid and refreshing material and phenomenal musicianship, Edge of Paradise is no band to take lightly.

I was especially excited when I found out they were going to pass through Seattle and I’m glad I went, because soon enough, it won’t be easy to get tickets to their shows, as they are definitely heading to the top. Edge of Paradise took the stage right before Rising-tribute to Ronnie James Dio (one of the best tribute acts I’ve seen). What struck me the most is the singer’s voice, because her delicate, yet commanding look and presence does not suggest what you’re about to hear. Can’t really compare her to anyone else, her voice is unique and possesses monstrous power, stratospheric range and what’s so interesting is that she incorporates softer vocals that are ethereal and hypnotizing. After the band knocked us out with their original song, “In a Dream”, I found myself and the set of the crowd in awe because we don’t get this in Seattle. Other songs that especially stood out as well, and i found myself humming later are “Thrown It Away, Break Away” and “Walk the Line”. After the show I purchased their CD and it hasn’t left my CD player.

Now it’s obvious that Edge of Paradise has a flaming front woman, but they also have a guitar player that’s out of this world. The guy is a machine, my head started to spin watching him shred, and I still can’t believe that he is the only guitarist, because it sure as hell sounded like at least three guitar players to me. And his tone was sweet! I must not forget the punchy and solid rhythm section. Bass player reminded me of young Nikki Sixx with longer hair. What’s especially cool about this band is that the individuals all posses a strong persona, they are all rockstars, and yet they come together in this unified force not to be reckoned with! The only thing is, I wish they would have stayed away from the covers. The band played Iron Maiden‘s “The Trooper” and Black Sabbath‘s “Children of the Sea”, even though they nailed the iconic songs, their original music really defines them and the band performs from the heart. So if Edge of Paradise passes through your town, get out and go see them! Get their music and support them, they are one hell of a band!


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