AGHIAZMA: new album streaming

Ukraine’s female-fronted alternative/industrial metal band Aghiazma released their 2nd album Carnage on November 30th, now Carnage is available in full on band’s official Youtube channel here.

Previously band’s track Mental Abuse was featured in Metal Hammer‘s “The 10 best new metal songs you need to hear this week” –

Carnage is also available on SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC, YOUTUBE MUSIC

Aghiazma – “Carnage” full album streaming

AGHIAZMA was created in 2013 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

AGHIAZMA is the bright representative of an original and unique creative unit. Bright visual images and a deep energy message are an integral part of the concert performances of this musical formation.

In 2015 Aghiazma made it to the finals of Global Battle of the Bands in Ukraine and took the 5th place.

At the beginning of 2017, the band took part in the semi-finals of the national selection for Eurovision 2017, where the musicians announced themselves to a multi-million audience with their unusual music and immediacy, finding many new fans both in Ukraine and abroad.

In 2018 Aghiazma released first long-play album Plus Ultra that showed high passion, quality and a hit feeling to the audience.

After some touring with Plus Ultra the band started to release new singles supported by video clips. The band changed the sound of the songs to more metal oriented.

In 2020 and 2021 a sudden collaboration with Super Sus (YouTube Star) brought the videos for “Bloody Rite” and “You Spin Me Round”. Successful by all means, it gathered a lot of attention for the band.

In 2022 Aghiazma recorded their second album Carnage.

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