Altribe is a four-member group. Its music has a lot of blues, pop, rock and psychedelic elements, as well as lyrics that describe the state of the big city’s modern man.

The composer Fiona Lambrides on vocals and the acoustic guitar, a voice that is related to the warm, doric, black voices of the blues. Apostolos Karatzas on the electric guitar, whose personal style and sound brings out the rock-psychedelic side of the band. Giannis Gardiclis on the electric bass combines power and emotion in his grooves. The founder of the group, composer/lyricist Albert Panagiotopoulos on the drums, expresses the technique, the explosiveness and aesthetic simplicity that characterize Altribe. The band’s new digital album “The Promised Land” was released in July 2020.

“The Promised Land” is available on i-Tunes, Amazon etc.

Including seven songs. The song “Show Respect” is one of them.