After receiving international high praises for their first single “Agitar”, BALA proofs with their new track and video that they are not just another usual rock-outfit.

These two Spanish women provide you with a great presence and an on-point songwriting, which carry’s perfectly the authenticity that is so important for a stripped down and pure setup like you will find in BALA.

Open-up a beer, get high on live and celebrate with us the sleek and filthy video for “Hoy No” HERE!

The bands comment on their new single:

“Our second single brings a feeling of freshness and good vibes, with sharp guitar and some good ol’ scream that sums up the feeling of relax and ENJOY. A short and brief travel to the past in the form of a short road movie where we count again with the strength of Bonnie Buitrago’s bass and vocals.”

To stream the song on repeat until death, follow this LINK!

BALA’s Century Media Records debut “Maleza” will be released on May 14th, 2021!

The album is available in the following formats and can be pre-ordered HERE!

  • Black Vinyl
  • CD Digipak
  • Digital Album

About BALA:

BALA’s is a two-piece power horse from Galicia, Spain. Their influences range from the different faces of grunge to the big names of punk or stoner rock. This unique blend of musical landscapes and pan-generational inspirations helped shaping the bands outstanding heavy sound and pays tribute to legends like Nirvana, Melvins, Fu Manchu and L7.

BALA is:

Anxela Baltar – Vocals, Guitars

Violeta Mosquera – Vocals, Drums

BALA online: