BLAME ZEUS announce fourth album

Portuguese alternative metal band, Blame Zeus, has just announced the upcoming release of their 4th studio album, “LAUDANUM”, set to be released on October 4, 2023.

Portuguese alternative metal band, Blame Zeus, has just announced the upcoming release of their 4th studio album, “LAUDANUM”, set to be released on October 4, 2023.

Over the years, Blame Zeus has seen changes in their lineup and have matured into the current roster of Sandra Oliveira on vocals, Paulo Silva and Tiago Lascasas on guitars, Bruno Branco on bass, and Ricardo Silveira on drums.

Over the past decade, they have made waves in the Portuguese rock and metal scene, with a unique sound that integrates elements of blues and soul. After releasing three acclaimed albums: Identity (2014), Theory of Perception (2017), and Seethe (2019), they have earned respect and recognition on stages of prominent rock and metal festivals, such as Vagos Metal Fest, Laurus Nobilis, Milagre Metaleiro Open Air, and Gerês Rock Fest.

“LAUDANUM” marks a new stage in the band’s journey, showcasing their continued evolution in creativity and musical exploration. Each song on the album is a collaborative creation of the band, with Sandra Oliveira writing the lyrics, intros and dynamic guitar solos are brought to life by Paulo Silva and Tiago Lascasas.

The album was co-produced by Ricardo Fernandes and Blame Zeus, with vocals and drums recorded at Dynamix Studio, in Lisbon, and guitars and bass recorded at Paulo Silva’s home studio. The mixing and mastering were done by Ricardo Fernandes at Dynamix Studio.

Adding to the overall aesthetic of “LAUDANUM”, the album’s cover artwork was crafted by Gustavo Sazes.

“The album is going to be, in a certain way, conceptual, as it speaks of my struggle against depression and anxiety, and the order of the songs reflects the different stages I have been going through, starting with trauma, darkness and feeling of no way out, through the chaotic beginning of chemical treatment, and culminating in a phase of greater peace, where I finally start to feel like myself again, and able to psychologically deal with what I have to resolve. I hope my experience helps, and the message of hope touches those who are going through the same.” – Sandra, Blame Zeus

“LAUDANUM” Tracklist:

Left for Dead
For the Strong and the Faithful
Asleep in the Stars (interlude)
The Void
Bonus track: Burning Fields

“LAUDANUM” will be available for pre-order starting August 25, 2023, on the band’s official website:


BLAME ZEUS announce fourth album
BLAME ZEUS announce fourth album
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