Blood Command‘s new single from forthcoming album World Domination album is out now. Take a listen to Forever Soldiers of Esther.


“This song is in memory of my now deceased mother Ester Andersen (1951-2015),” says guitarist & songwriter Yngve Andersen.“The Andersen family belonged to something that for outsiders could remind them of a cult, and the siblings got to feel that on their body everyday as it was a little village and everyone talked. So negative comments from other kids, teachers and parents were common.

“The lyrics in the verses are outtakes from what my mother told me before going to school, to prepare me for what I would meet: to not listen to them, stay strong and never surrender. The lyrics for the chorus are what I would wish I could say to her, but never did. This paved the way for the not giving a single fuck and going-against-the-grain attitude that today is Blood Command.” We’re not sure we could have said that better ourselves.

BLOOD COMMAND announces new single
BLOOD COMMAND announces new single

“20 rapid bursts of everything and more that Blood Command has ever been” – the 20 tracks on the record touch on every direction the band have ever turned their noses to, and pushes their usual themes to the extreme. If you haven’t already, pre-order now. As good looking as it is soounding, World Domination is available on milky white w/black & neon green splatter vinyl (find that beauty in our store), neon violet vinyl and CD.