BRUNHILDE: new single out

Brunhilde has now released the new single “Eye For An Eye And Tit For Tat”, from the new upcoming album “27”, out in May 2022.

BRUNHILDE: new single

The eagerly awaited new BRUNHILDE album 27 (out: May 27) is all about the number 27.

In ten songs, this unique concept album describes the extraordinary stories of very ordinary people who all have one thing in common: They fatefully died at the age of only 27. Only song 11 – The End (already released in March 2022) – is dedicated to Jim Morrison, one of the many famous rock stars who also died at 27.

As a further foretaste of the album the band has now released the next single Eye For An Eye And Tit For Tat – a 2 ½ minute song with which BRUNHILDE opens the next chapter of their 27 opus.

“The song is inspired by the story of a prostitute murderer who was caught and sentenced to death at the age of 27,” explains singer Caro Loy. “He was allowed to choose whether he wanted to be executed by lethal injection or the electric chair – and he chose the chair!”

Caro continues: “The song has more melodic passages than one would expect with this heavy topic; but that is intentional, because we want to make you think here: How would you decide – and, are you in favour of the death penalty or against it?” For the BRUNHILDE singer, the answer is clear: “I am clearly against the death penalty and I certainly wouldn’t get on the electric chair either.”

Another thing is for sure: With 27,BRUNHILDE have succeeded in creating a concept album like probably no other new band before!

Get the new single Eye For An Eye And Tit For Tat here:

and check out the brand new video:

BRUNHILDE:  Eye For An Eye And Tit For Tat music video


1. Excerpts from Psalm 27    
2. Son of a Gun   
3. The Winner Takes It All     
4. Girl with 1000 Scars   
5. Apartment 213   
6. SNAFU    
7. Cut My Rockin` Brain    
8. Eye for an Eye and Tit for Tat     
9. Friendly Fire    
10. Are the Kids All Right?    
11. The End    
12. The Book of Revelation   
13. House of the Rising Sun 

27 will be released on May 27 and is available for pre-sale here:

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