BYRON – music video For “Oktober” now available


Finland’s heavy doom metal band Byron presents its new music video “Oktober”, taken from the forthcoming new album “The Omega Evangelion”. The debut release is scheduled for March 26th, 2021 (Goatmancer records).

Comment the group’s bass player:

“Oktober” is the only track in the forthcoming album “The Omega Evangelion”, that I did not do the lyrics to but handed the task over to Christoffer Frylmark. He did the lyrics and the arrangements with the Swedish vocals to the demos and I crafted the English chorus melodies to the text in a hurry in studio while Johanna was already doing her vocals on other songs.

We rehearsed the chorus with Johanna about 5 minutes with a loop before the red light, while Tuomas (Kokko, the producer) was seeing his kids that were watching cartoons next room. Johanna exceeded herself in this song, singing the highest notes she had probably ever sung. Totally brilliant work from her, the whole album. (fun fact “The Omega Evangelion” being her first “metal” album done, but as an ex-vocal student of -one of them to mention-, Noora Louhimo, I expected nothing but the best from her).

“Oktober” is the third and final single taken from the forthcoming full-length album. The song is metaphorical story about loss and spiritual, comforting death, written by Christoffer Frylmark and composed by Johannes Lahti.

The music video of the song was shot in five hours at two different rehearsal spaces with no script, just me (Johannes) and Markus (Vähäaho, Raw Art Creations) throwing ideas to one another, me changing clothes and instruments and asking Johanna what to do. As Byron started as a one man project, I wanted to have a reference to it in the video, playing all the instruments and the roles of every band member, excluding the vocalists, that is.

Christoffer shot his parts at his home in Sweden that were added to the final result with the video material from the studios last summer, showing the dedication of the producer mr. Kokko (Electric Fox Studios) and bits and pieces of mr. Puusaari and mr. Vahvanen recording the guitar tracks of the album.”

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