CAREER WOMAN Releases New Single via Lauren Records

CAREER WOMAN Releases New Single via Lauren Records. The new song is called “Jupiter” and it is released ahead of her upcoming tour

Career Woman released a new song via Lauren Records ahead of her upcoming tour today.

CAREER WOMAN Releases New Single via Lauren Records

Career Woman is the promising musical project of Melody Caudill, a singer songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. At just 19 years old, she exudes a genuine passion for crafting impactful indie rock songs.

Growing up, she found solace in songwriting and released her first EP at the age of fourteen. Caudill was raised in a creative household that has shaped her deep connection to melodies and lyrics from a young age. 

Career Woman draws inspiration from a range of artists such as, Lomelda, Snail Mail, Samia and even the scores and soundtracks of her favorite video games like Life is Strange. These distinctive styles have left an indelible mark on her artistic voice.

“‘Jupiter’ was the first song I wrote since coming to college and it encompasses all of the new feelings that come along with starting a new life” says Caudill of the new single, adding “I was experiencing overwhelming joy but also paralyzing fear because of all of the new people I met and everyone I had to leave behind. The lyrics are all really specific and I tried to capture details that only me and the people involved could pinpoint, while still speaking to a larger message that could be universally relatable. The song started out as an acoustic folk track but my bandmate Jackson turned it into the full band sound it has today, and I think it was definitely a smart musical choice. I hope the song communicates the feeling of being in a completely new environment and starting a new life stage because it definitely articulates how it felt for me.”

Check out Career Woman on tour next month!

CAREER WOMAN Releases New Single via Lauren Records
CAREER WOMAN Releases New Single via Lauren Records

Tour Dates:

July 8, 2023 Genghis Cohen – Los Angeles, CA

July 9, 2023 Subrosa – Santa Cruz, CA

July 11, 2023 Zero Wave – Portland, OR

July 12, 2023 Vera Project – Seattle, WA

July 14, 2023 Chromatic Coffee – San Jose, CA

July 15, 2023 Oakland Secret – Oakland, CA

Bandcamp / Spotify / Instagram

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