CATHUBODUA – announces the new album, “Continuum”


Belgian epic symphonic metallers CATHUBODUA are revealing the cover artwork & tracklist of their upcoming opus ‘Continuum‘, which will be released on October 25th 2019 via Massacre Records.

In the hopes of bringing epic stories and bombastic symphonies to the world, CATHUBODUA was born in 2013. After their first EP release in 2016 they have upped their game and composed ‘Continuum‘, a world where stories are told of a mysterious hero, who ravages all.

The new album was recorded & mixed at Project Zero Studios by Yarne Heylen and Bert Vervoort. Mastering came courtesy of Ferry Duijsens.

Guest Vocals by Adam Denlinger (MaYaN), Simon Duson (Carnation) and Jelle Van Loo (Innervate).
Guest musician Sabrina Gelin on hurdy gurdy (Ithilien)

‘Continuum’ tracklist:

  1. Dawn (intro)
  2. Abyss
  3. Hero of Ages
  4. Hydra
  5. The Tempest (interlude)
  6. The Fire
  7. My Way to Glory
  8. The Chasing Horde (interlude)
  9. A Treacherous Maze
  10. Legends
  11. Nightfall
  12. A Tale of Redemption
  13. Deified
  14. Apotheosis
  15. Dusk (outro)

CATHUBODUA comments: “We at Cathubodua are overjoyed to announce the release of our first full length album Continuum. The music tells a dauntless story and we are proud to present an album that is an ensemble of our hard work and beautiful visual art pieces. The amazing cover artwork shows a Hydra our story Hero is fighting, a promise for the epic endeavors you’ll hear on Continuum!

Continuum‘ recording line-up:

Kenny Callebaut – Rhythm Guitar
Ricardo Lievano Flores – Drums
Peter Thielemans – Bass
Katrien Van den Hurk – Violin & Symphonies
Sara Vanderheyden – Vocals
Kyron Vannuffelen – Lead Guitar

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