CELESTIAL BURST: Ep reissue in May

French prog/rock project CELESTIAL BURST has signed with Wormholedeath for EP reissue of “The Maze”, due on May 13th.


French Prog/Rock project CELESTIAL BURST has signed with Wormholedeath a licensing deal for the reissue of the EP “The Maze”, due for re-release on May 13th, 2022.

Celestial Burst statement:
One year after the first release of The Maze, we’ve been contacted by the record label WormHoleDeath. They reached us with the will to re-edit The Maze and distribute it worldwide. We couldn’t refuse the offer !

This is an awesome news for us, WormHoleDeath have a huge platform covering the globe and have been in the business for over 10 years. We are certain they will make sure our album reaches every corner of the world and it will help our fans wait while the second album is in the making 🙂 We hope this great news will help our fans to wait while the second album is in the making 🙂

‘The Maze’ :
“It is the story of a woman who wanders in a world that she does not understand and to which she cannot adapt to because it does not suit her.
The labyrinth is the symbol that I wanted to give to the adventure that awaits her, littered with obstacles and dead ends (Alexis, Celestial Burst).

Celestial Burst is a French Progressive-Rock band launched by Alexis Lustenberger in 2012 as a solo studio project, Celestial Burst became a two-persons band in 2020 when Alexis was joined by Singer/Actress Kenza Laala to work on the lyrics and contribute to the vocals.

After some sessions @ Hesat Recordings, Celestial Burst is proud to present its debut EP called ‘The Maze’ where the duo invited the Dutch diva Anneke Van Giesbergen (The Gathering, Devin Townsend…) as vocal guest on the title-track of the record.

Watch The Maze (feat. Anneke van Giersbergen):

Celestial Burst – The Maze feat Anneke Van Gierbsergen music video

Cover & Tracklist:

1- Obedience
2- The Maze
3- First Flight
4- The Place Where I’m Supposed To Be
5- Anna
6- The Maze (feat. Anneke van Giersbergen)



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