CHAOS RISING: double album announced

All-female international metal project Chaos Rising announced its double album, that will feature 36 female-identifying musicians from 18 countries.

CHAOS RISING: double album

All-female metal collective CHAOS RISING to release double album: pre-orders open NOW

All-female international metal project Chaos Rising has now been releasing music for over two years, uniting the best female metal musicians from across the world.

From brutal death to symphonic to doom, the girls have worked tirelessly to bring out a song and video every month, showcasing the talents of women across the metal spectrum.

Chaos Rising was founded in 2019 by French multi-instrumentalist Stéphanie Nolf (Unsafe, Syrinx), and since then the project has grown from strength to strength, releasing to date twenty singles and videos.

The double album will feature a brutal side and melodic side, incorporating thirty-six female-identifying musicians from eighteen countries. This is a completely unique concept that demonstrates the richness of metal music. There will also be a brand new, as-yet-unreleased song.

Until now Chaos Rising has been a completely zero-budget project, with musicians giving their hard work for free and often having to pay for their own studio time and equipment. And it will remain an unpaid project; without a label or studio, Stéphanie Nolf has mixed and mastered the album herself, with artwork by bassist/graphic designer Tina Gruschwitz.

However in order to finance the costs of CD production, distribution and promotion, the girls have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Supporters can pre-order a limited edition CD, plus t-shirt and free gift!

Metalheads are invited to support this important statement of inclusion in metal, and be the proud owner of a piece of metal history – but hurry, as the limited edition CDs are selling out fast!

Link to Indiegogo site for pre-orders:

Link to Chaos Rising EPK:

‘There are basically no limits to their creativity, lyrically or musically… an extraordinary and musically exciting project’

(Legacy Magazine, Germany)

‘Chaos Rising models a way of creating music that is revolutionary in its implications…’ (Keith Kahn-Harris, The Quietus)

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