CHILDREN OF THE SUN – new single released

Children of the Sün release final single from second studio album

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CHILDREN OF THE SUN – new single released

Sweden’s Woodstock- rockers Children of the Sün shares the single ”Leaves”. A true manifestation of the 6 member group’s musical flair. ”Leaves” moves from heavy sections characterized by 70s blues-rock riffs, into calmer parts oozing with psychedelia, into immense choruses with strong, melodic vocals. ”Leaves” is the third and final single leading up to Children of the Sün’s sophomore studio album ”Roots”, which will be released on The Sign Records on March 18.

Children of the Sün on ”Leaves”:
Leaves is about feeling stuck in unstable love that comes and goes as it pleases. It has come to the point where you have to let go to save yourself. The falling autumn leaves are a symbol for volatility. 
”Leaves” is out on all streaming platforms from February 18. 

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CHILDREN OF THE SUN - new single released