Melodic death metal band Coldbound, led by Greek/Finnish musician Pauli Souka, has revealed today that the musical project, founded eight years ago, will turn into a real band. The new lineup will see Liv Kristine (vocals, songwriting), ex- Theatre Of Tragedy, ex-Leaves Eyes, Markus Riihimäki (kantele, songwriting) from KanteleScapes, Meiju Enho (orchestration, keyboards, vocals and songwriting) from Mythrian Mamyth Greenrose Faire and ex-Ensiferum and, last,
Pauli Souka (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, programming, songwriting).

Coldbound is currently preparing a new work that has engaged a big amount of respectable guest appearances.

Pauli comments: “Liv Kristine, the voice of my adolescence. A real angel down on earth with a heart of pure gold.
A fantastic friend that shares the same visions. The perfect balance of all frequencies
“, “Markus Riihimäki, a fiery presence. A hell of a composer and a hard working professional with clear vision and zero sign of procrastination when it comes to music production. The person that will ring me anytime to hit me up with new ideas that he will actually put down on paper right away. The brother that I never had“, “Meiju Enho, if forests had a sound, Meiju would have been the conductor. An extremely charismatic composer with a great ability to create unique soundscapes. The voice of reason. A true bless to be in the same musical project with! With visions and frequencies perfectly aligned“.