“Electronic in nature, Angelides brings a truthful, raw approach to Cyvella, topped off with a certain cinematic quality that makes the music feel substantial, which brings to mind other experimental, downtempo artists such as Portishead.” (V13.net)

“Angelides’ seductive, dreamily-flowing voice sets the song apart. It’s a voice that discharges psychic auras of electrical hues, forceful yet palpably elegant and polished, like an implacable force brooding over an enigmatic objective. It’s a superb vocal instrument, exciting pangs of romantic envy, lucid exposition and a raffish sonic heedlessness that’s spectacular…” (Huffington Post)

CYVELLA incorporates all the thoughts I have never expressed over the years. I have a strange relationship with my deep and passionate desires and they have always tortured me,” reveals Marlain Angelides, central songwriter and creator of CYVELLA. A creative chameleon, Angelides has always used her voice as her primary form of expression and now, with her pandemic-born project, CYVELLA, she is ready to release the edgy video “RICH,” the title track from her alternative/electronic rock EP due out May 28th 2021. 

In Angelides’ own words “The EP is built upon double entendres. It sometimes reflects the complexity of womanhood and what it means to be a woman in the modern age. There are masked secret desires; dominance is juxtaposed with submissiveness; pain and sorrow are married with folly and a hopeful sense of humour.”

On the song “Rich” she continues, ” “What does it mean to be RICH? Blending seedy jazz-lounge piano with a stark and heavy electronic tour-de-force, along with sensual dynamic vocals, ‘RICH’ almost basks in its debauched decadence. The song explores desire from different angles, seductively, and in a confrontational tone. It taunts with what you daren’t admit you might want from life.” 

Greek/Brit Angelides is a graduate of London’s Royal Academy of Music, and previously experienced massive success as vocalist of chart-topping Greek pop band, Hi-5. She has been a West End performer; a representative of Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest; and a background vocalist for world-touring acts. She  brought her cosmopolitan experience from Greece by way of London to New York, where she has been involved in musicals, Shakespeare, voiceovers,  and is the current front-woman of the all-female Lez Zeppelin (which is endorsed by Jimmy Page himself). Her melodic prog rock project, Ascending Dawn, has gained accolades from notable media outlets, such as Metal Injection, Loudwire, Alt Press, Huffington Post, Pure Grain Audio, and more. 

Now, in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, CYVELLA is born. Her point of view is from being a citizen of the world, bringing a truthful, raw, sometimes ironic, and sensitive wit to her tales of woe. With a dynamic, smoky, vibrant voice, she combines an electronic sound with, old school music hall, punk-like attitude, and a child-like vulnerability. The debut EP was produced by award winning sound designer and music producer, David Lawrie, who has worked with artists such as CocoRosie and London After Midnight, as well as composing for a wide variety of films. This cinematic approach is evident in the storytelling flow of the EP.  The EP was mastered by Andy Wilson, who worked as a mastering engineer at the legendary MasterDisk.