Dutch death metal squad DICTATED are unveiling a drum playthrough video for their massive track ‘Lysso’, taken from their recently released album ‘Phobos’. Watch Frank ‘Skillpero’ Schilperoort (INCANTATION, SHINING, THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT) play ‘Lysso’ here: youtu.be/poDLPym2kR4.

‘Phobos‘ is the follow-up to 2014’s ‘The Deceived‘. With ‘Phobos‘, Dictated is leaving behind their known-path of ‘old-school’, and add the purest of misery without the loss of their blast-beat ethics.

Frank ‘Skillpero’ Schilperoort comments: “While writing drums for Lysso, a very diverse song and the fastest on the album, I went beyond the ‘usual’ blast beats & double bass. I dipped into my marching drum roots, as well as Hoglan/Reinert influenced cymbal work and Cavalera-like tribal drums. Be sure to watch till the end if you’re into Dirk blasts!“.

The new opus was recorded, mixed and mastered at Double Impact Productions by Pieter Tjeerdsma & WD Glashouwer. Cover artwork came courtesy of Greg ‘AbsuManiac’ Czart. 

Phobos‘ tracklist: 

1. Hypso (featuring guest vocals by BENIGHTED‘s Julien Truchan)
2. Thalasso
3. Lysso
4. Taphe
5. Chira
6. Apeiro
7. Eisoptro
8. Glosso
9. Trypo
10. Athaza Gora (featuring guest solo by Mendel bij de Leij (Ex-Aborted)
11. Atychi

Phobos‘ recording line-up: 

York Keijzer – vocals
Sonja Schuringa – guitar & backing vocals
Jessica Otten – guitar
Koen Verstralen – bass
Frank Schilperoort – drums