ESPERFALL: “Retreat Into Dreamland” video

Hungarian melodic metallers ESPERFALL are back with a brand new video, “Retreat Into Dreamland” as a forerunner of the new album Origins In Darkness.

ESPERFALL: new video

Esperfall Premieres The New Single And Video Retreat Into Dreamland

Taken from the upcoming album Origins In Darkness to be released in April 2022!

Hungarian melodic metallers ESPERFALL are back with a brand new song as a forerunner of their full-length album Origins In Darkness to be released in April, 2022. 

Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride: this track will immediately get you from the first note to the last!  Retreat Into Dreamland isabout struggling with our inner demons and fear…

Are you ready?

“The nightmare is alive during the day and this person is seeking some kind of shelter at night in her dreams, because when we are asleep we are not forced to face the pain and the fear of our struggles.

Fear is an important element in this song like a conscious entity, and the lyrics mirror the conversation between the person and the fear itself. This song has been chosen as the first single of the album for a specific reason: it contains all the various elements of our signature ways of musical expression within one song, in a compact form.

It has clean and harsh female vocals, male growls, fast shredding themes, heavy headbanger stuff, a guitar solo, a keyboard solo, a twin solo, and all of this crowned with a memorable chorus melody.

This song is an adrenaline bomb from start to finish and with it’s ferocious pace, it ignites very intense emotions within us and the listeners as well from the first note to the last” – tells the band about Retreat Into Dreamland.

FOR FANS OF: Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy, Epica, Nightwish.

ESPERFALL’s music is infused with the melodic and versatile, yet dark and tight elements of the Northern metal genre. This musical composition is made even more exciting with the combination of clean and harsh female vocals, complemented by male growls.

The themes of their songs revolve mainly around various emotional and mental struggles, and how overcoming these challenges through great effort can make us grow and prosper in the long run.

The band’s activity dates back to 2018, when their debut EP A Leap Of Faith was released. This was followed by their second EP The Leaf Legacy in 2019, and their first full-length album entitled Origins In Darkness is set to be released in April 2022.

Nóra Sima – vocals
Péter Wachal – bass guitar & vocals
Zsombor Zathureczky – keyboards
László Gábeli – lead guitar
Szabolcs Kerek – rhythm guitar
Attila Pécz – drums

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