ETHS: First Two EPs To Be Reissued With Bonus Tracks


After the success of last year’s “III”, and the reissue of debut album “Soma”, the Marseille, France-based female-fronted metalcore band ETHS will make its first EPs — “Autopsie” and “Samantha” — available on February 15 via Season Of Mist.

Originally released in 2000 and 2002, respectively, “Autopsie” and “Samantha” spread like wildfire and gained the young band cult status. The raw emotionality of outstanding singer Candice Clot on top of a raging mixture of metal and core captured the immediate interest of their rapidly growing following. Now these two milestones of French metal will be reissued with the addition of four previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Track listing:


01. Pourquoi
02. La Chair et le Sang
03. À la Droite de Dieu
04. Le Mâle
05. Des Hommes Bons
06. Autopsie
07. Dévore
08. Encore (remix)
09. Rien À Dire (bonus demo track)
10. Encore (bonus demo track)


01. Intro
02. Samantha
03. Des Cendres
04. Encore
05. Volée
06. Le Projet Humain
07. Animadversion
08. Entends-Tu
09. Septum Lucidum (bonus demo version)
10. Elle S’endort (bonus demo version)



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