Finnish Occult Rock Band JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES announce release date for new EP


JATAO - small 2013

SVART RECORDS announces February 22nd as the international release date for JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES’ brand-new Astral SabbatAlthough it’s been only nine months since the release of their brilliant and spellbinding debut album on SVART, Finland’s JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES have already moved on. After a split 7″ with Spain’s Deadmask last November on Doomentia, the band is already gearing up for something new: a three-song EP titled Astral Sabbat – to be released on CD, LP, and digital download – is expected to shatter most of the preconceptions some already held against the band. Tracklisting and cover follow below.

Once again recorded with Swedish sonic wizard Tore Stjerna of Necromorbus Studio in their hometown of Kuopio, Astral Sabbat sees JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES pushing forward the boundaries of the sound established on their debut full-length and forging their own path, as personified by the rather unusual choice of cover song: “Long And Lonesome Road,” originally written and recorded by Dutch rock outfit Shocking Blue, mostly known for their mega-hit “Venus.”

“We wanted to give these works a space entirely their own,” reveals guitarist Thomas Corpse, “so that listeners are able to focus on them completely. For this purpose, we consider an EP the perfect means. Regarding the surprising choice of cover, I had heard the song at a very young age. And now, after travelling many roads, it returned to me. It is a timeless song, and I hope someone discovers Shocking Blue through us.”

With its cover art designed by Adam Burke of Nightjar Graphics, its accompanying video (a first for the band) that will be released to the public on February 6th, and its epic “More Than Living” that swallows the entire B side on the vinyl version, Astral Sabbat will prove that JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES are now way beyond all those occult, prog, or retro-rock tags and playing a game on their own.


Tracklisting for JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES’ Astral Sabbat

1) Astral Sabbat

2) Long and Lonesome Road

3) More Than Living




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