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Watch the title track lyric video “The Fortune’s Gate” 

In this epic and melodic song that gave Furies first album’s name, the whole band’s energy is taken to the extreme. Feel the urge of the four members to reveal their music, quick, fast and right! Lyrics are a call for bringing people together, in a positive way, letting emotions take over. This song is an invitation to take part of the choir above a speed metal path, to reach a joyful fulfillment.

Furies quote about this first release:
“Alchemy.. that’s what our album is all about. We play Heavy Metal because we love to be together, being surrounded by friends and people who feel the same comfort in music, energy and fury.

We hope you’ll enjoy this album as much as we loved recording it!”
“Come with me by the moonlight, In the name of the stars, sunny horizons will be ours”

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