Today, up and coming female fronted Post-Hardcore formation FUTURE PALACE released their brand new single ‘Ghost Chapter‘, produced by Christoph Wieczorek (ANNISOKAY) at Sawdust Recodings and launched the pre-orders for their upcoming debut album »Escape«, which will be available on the 18th of September 2020 via Arising Empire!

Pre-order their upcoming debut album »Escape« here:

Watch the music video for ‘Ghost Chapter‘ here:

FUTURE PALACE: “Now we can finally reveal our new single GHOST CHAPTER together with the release date of our first album called ESCAPE. It will come out via Arising Empire on September 18! To celebrate that we will play a release tour in Germany in early 2021, preorder for the album and tour starts today! As we all know the whole culture and event industry including artists, promoters, venues, and many other people connected to it is going through a rough phase right now – to commemorate the unquestionable significance of art being performed live our new music video reflects our first year as a band on the road. The last thing we’ll lose is hope for many more – there are better times ahead.”

FUTURE PALACE will be embarking on their headline tour in early 2021 and will support ANNISOKAY on their EU tour 2021!

»FUTURE PALACE Escape Tour 2021«
presented by Impericon, FUZE &
28.01.21 Nürnberg, Club Stereo
29.01.21 Frankfurt, Nachtleben
30.01.21 München, Backstage Club
04.02.21 Hannover, Lux
05.02.21 Köln, Stereo Wonderland
06.02.21 Berlin, Badehaus
18.02.21 Bremen, Tower
19.02.21 Hamburg, Logo
27.02.21 Leipzig, Naumanns

Extratours presents
13.03.21 Göttingen – Exil
22.04.21 Prag – Rock Cafe
23.04.21 Cham – L.A. Eventhalle
24.04.21 Wien – Chelsea
28.04.21 Zürich – Dynamo, Werk 21
29.04.21 Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
30.04.21 München – Backstage
01.05.21 Schweinfurt – Stattbahnhof
05.05.21 Hannover – Musikzentrum
06.05.21 Hamburg – Gruenspan
07.05.21 Essen – Turock
08.05.21 Osnabrück – Bastard Club
14.05.21 Jena – F-Haus
26.05.21 Stuttgart – Universum
27.05.21 Nürnberg – Z-Bau
28.05.21 Berlin – Hole44
29.05.21 Köln – Helios37

Watch the music video for ‘Parted Ways‘ here:
Watch ‘Illusionist‘ feat. Tobias Rische (ALAZKA) here:
Watch ‘Anomaly‘ here:
Watch ‘Maybe‘ here:

Humans are social animals by nature. If we feel lost, we fall into the arms of our trusted ones. We seek for sympathy and understanding of our beloved ones, and we experience a healing sensation from being held at hard times. But what happens if the trusted person is the cause of our suffering? FUTURE PALACE explore this question on their debut album with full fury. »Escape« is an extensive catharsis and a healing getaway from toxic relationships. Turning a big cleansing process into metaphorically laden music the Berlin trio is deeply rooted in the post-hardcore genre while being influenced by different styles of electronica, soul, and 80s-synth-pop all united.
Having met in the end of 2018 FUTURE PALACE have not been a band for too long.
Therefore it is even more impressive how focused the Berlin band was working towards the release of their first album. »Escape« was produced in cooperation with Christoph Wieczorek, who already worked with well-known acts such as ANNISOKAY and EMIL BULLS. FUTURE PALACE finalised their songs at his studio in Halle, Germany in about six months. The attention to detail in their songs led to a complex mix of genres on their album. But this mindfulness during the working process went beyond the musical component for FUTURE PALACE are more than just a band with well elaborated music. “My goal with this band – fitting to its name – is creating a better future” explains singer Maria about the direction of the project. “We want to develop strength facing difficult experiences and become a motivation for other people.”

Maria | Vocals
Manuel | Guitar
Johannes | Drums

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