Greek death metallers SEDUCE THE HEAVEN announce they have signed with Japanese label SPINNING RECORDS and confirm the official release date of a Japanese edition of their debut album “Field Of Dreams” which is scheduled on February 20th 2013. The Japanese edition of the album is going to include two new, unreleased songs as bonus tracks which are also going to be available as digital singles.

SPINNING RECORDS is a Japanese label including in their book some of the most powerful up and coming bands like THE AGONIST, IN THIS MOMENT, Aldious, KISSIN’ DYNAMITE, HUNTRESS, TRILLIUM κ.ά.

SEDUCE THE HEAVEN was founded back in 2009 by guitarist and main composer Alex Flouros and lyrical soprano Elina Laivera. The band’s debut on stage took place on May 2012 when the band opened for EPICA in Athens, Greece while the year ended festively with the band participating in METAL FEMALE VOICES FESTIVAL in Belgium by the side of huge bands of the female fronted metal scene like ARCH ENEMY, LACUNA COIL, EPICA, XANDRIA, DELAIN and others.

With their first album entitled ”Field Of Dreams”, SEDUCE THE HEAVEN make a quite powerful and impressive debut in discography. ”Field Of Dreams” was recorded at Soundflakes Studios, with Alex Flouros and Nick Papadopoulos as co-producers. Released officially on the 15th of January 2013 and distributed worldwide (except Japan) by Belgian label FYB records, “Field Of Dreams” includes 10 tracks, the sound of which moves in the frames of metal, covering at the same time a wide range of musical styles moving from progressive to PANTERA-like paths, from the bursting trails of NWOAM and bands like Killswitch Engage to the powerful breakouts of the Swedish melodic death metal scene. What is also special about the sound of SEDUCE THE HEAVEN is two vocalists exchanging duos of male growl vocals and female clean vocals that move from rock to lyrical paths delivering also a gothic note onto a massive setting of wave-crashing guitars, drums and bass. Jazz harmonies, 80’s influences, dark, aggressive, straight in-your-face blast of power, melody and atmosphere characterizes “Field Of Dreams”. SEDUCE THE HEAVEN is a unique fusion for fans of many sides of the metal battlefield.

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