Gwendydd release new video trailer!

“No rest for the wicked” is probably the secret working title for everything what is happening behind the scenes in Gwendydd-land. While this Bulgarian extreme-metal powerhouse is preparing for their first international mini-tour after the pandemic, more and more good news are being revealed.

On July 31st they will release the official music-video for their single “We Are The New Order”. Bambi – Gwendydd’s drummer and producer – commented on this mega-project: “Our ambition is to push ourselves to the limit and beyond with every new release.”

And so it happened that they joined forces with Peter Stoianov (director), long-time ally Boyan Karamfilov (camera) and Olli Singer (executive producer) to develop a video packed with energy and drama. Featuring a complex story-line, proving that it isn’t enough for these young artists to focus on the music only.

Next dates:

July 31, 2021      GRINDHOUSE, Sofia (BG)  Official video release party plus live-show!

August 6, 2021 HARD&HEAVY RESTART Festival, Übach-Palenberg (GER)
August 7, 2021 FEMALE METAL LEAGUE FEST (FMLF), Lessines (BEL)
August 8, 2021 HELL, Diest (BEL)

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