HIGHWAY QUEEN: debut album

Finnish rockers Highway Queen‘s debut full-length “Bitter Soul” is now out as of December 16th via Rockshots Records. For the album’s release day, the band is sharing their latest music video for the record’s opening track “Hey”, a classic 80’s style hard rock song that tells the story about feeling lust for someone, but you are unfortunately stonewalled.

Watch “Hey” at https://youtu.be/D0uK7FB_BX4

Highway Queen – Hey official music video

Highway Queen‘s new album “Bitter Soul” is a collection of 80s-influenced rock and metal songs with beautiful melodies, and strong riffs complimented with heavy drums and bass. Songs on “Bitter Soul” are all about scenarios in one’s life. The lyrics tell stories about gnawing the burden of shame, anger, and bitterness. They also talk about the burden that carries through generations. They are about people’s weaknesses too. The stories are also about overcoming these challenges.

“Every song has its own mood so feeling vary throughout the album. There are parts in the album with bluesy vibes to parts that have strong doom or even thrash vibes. It all blends together with a touch of 80’s style. Every song on the record has its own mood.” adds the band.

Highway Queen is a band that plays melodic hard rock with some metal influences. The band was founded at the end of 2019 by vocalist Virpi Kääriäinen, guitarist Teemu, Kääriäinen and drummer Henri Backman. All members have played in cover band projects in the past and decided it was time to start making their own creations.

In 2020, the band self-released four singles on digital platforms. Also in 2020, the band acquired bassist Petri Orava and they recorded more songs to be released. In 2021, the band signed with Finnish record label Inverse Records for releasing three singles and a music video. The songs had a great reception, and the band continued moving forward to start working on their first album. All Highway Queen songs are recorded with Aleksanteri Kuosa, so he was a natural choice to be the producer for the full-length. He has also worked with bands like Waltari and Before The Dawn.

​Highway Queen is recommended for fans of melodic hard rock, heavy rock, and NWOTHM.

“Bitter Soul” is available at https://bit.ly/BitterSoulCD

Music Video – Bitter Soul – https://youtu.be/g1Xe-jmiMSQ

Music Video – Getting On Your Knees – https://youtu.be/kgUQfj493n4

Track Listing:​​
1. Hey!
2. Get On Your Knees
3. I Lean On You
4. Here I Am
5. I Dim The Lights
6. Bitter Soul
7. In Vain
8. Own Will

Album Credits:​
All songs written by
– Virpi Kääriänen, Teemu Kääriäinen & Henri Backman
– Vocals: Virpi Kääriäinen
– Guitars: Teemu Kääriäinen
– Drums: Henri Backman
– Bass tracks played for the album by Jykke Tikka
– Produced, engineered & mixed by Aleksanteri Kuosa
– Cover and photos: Henri Backman
– Mastered by Jukka Yliaho/Masterlab
– Recorded at Inka Studio

For more info:​
www facebook.com/highwayqueenband