INFINITAS – music video for “Utukki” now available


On March 11th 2021, the lively Swiss act INFINITAS presented the new official, theatric music video for the song “Utukki“.

Watch the clip below:

The song is taken from INFINITAS‘ concept album “Infernum“.

INFINITAS, always at the start with unusual ideas and implementations, present the world a new music video that could not fit better to the current emergency situation!

The song is analogous to Corona, so from exactly the plague that makes mankind sick and overruns! In the new video, the notorious disease scurvy is depicted!

But the best comes to the end:
As soon as the video is apparently finished, a scene follows in which the main actor dies of Corona.
Finally, a music band takes a stand on the current global situation and processes the issue in this offensive video:

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Recorded & Produced by Tommy Vetterli @New Sound Studio.

[vacant] • Vocals
Selv Martone • Guitar, Virtual Instruments
[vacant] • Bass
Savannah Childers • Violin
Pirmin ‘Piri’ Betschart • Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Clarinette

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