JANE: “Tell You” music video

Singer/songwriter and professional dancer JANE drops the new music video to her most recent release “TELL YOU”. Watch it now.

JANE: new music video

ST. GEORGE, UTAH. JANE, singer/songwriter and professional dancer, drops the visuals to her most recent release “TELL YOU” (June 2022).

If you haven’t heard “TELL YOU”, it’s a ‘self’-love song about rebounding from fragility and brokenness…a reminder that we always have an opportunity to pick up the pieces and put ourselves back together.

“We can always go back to the time where you truly loved yourself, and build from there”.

The video is a perfect opportunity for the multifaceted artist to showcase her classical dance training…

It takes place in what appears to be an abandoned urban ballet studio, where JANE twirls around in isolation, dancing to an orchestral arrangement of strings produced by ERIC ZAYNE.

The VIDEO is produced by CHLOE FRANCKE and directed by EVAN CONNER. They capture the theme of “TELL YOU”, portraying JANE in a mirrored reflection – in darkly lit isolation – reassuring herself that she’s not alone.

If you’re unfamiliar with JANE, take some time to familiarize yourself. When she’s not showcasing entertainment content to her social media followers, she’s sharing positive messages about spirituality and her passion for humanitarian aid.



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