The Inferno Doll, a Theatrical-Artistic Metal project, was born from the creative mind of songstress Laura “Inferno” Vargas (of Canada by way of Chile) in 2015. Guitarist, composer, and producer, Gabriel “Pickblade” Hidalgo and drummer Guillermo Pereira joined Vargas for their first record, DOLLMINATION, a terrifying tale of the Inferno Doll, and the battle between inner strength and wrathful conscience.

Now, a new chapter begins. Vargas and Hidalgo have already begun producing the demos that will become a new EP entitled THE INFERNO DOLL which will ultimately become a full-length album. In this incarnation, the fire of the vocals that raged through each song now soothe and hypnotize. This is a creative departure from DOLLMINATION to be sure, but the intensity that marked it is still unmistakably present.

Vargas has also experimented with instrumentation this time around, adding artist ‘D.’, a master of the Greek bouzouki, seen here, to give a dark romance to the atmosphere.

Anjey Boruta created the stunning EP artwork featured here; he is a digital dark artist specializing in the macabre. More of his work can be viewed on Instagram.

For more information on The Inferno Doll, visit their Facebook, Bandcamp, Spotify, and Instagram pages.