The international (depressive) black metal formation LEBENSSUCHT just published an official music video to the song ‘A Hole In My Heart‘ which can also be found on the debut album ‘-273,15°C‘.

The song and video has a very special, personal connection to the lead singer of the band.

Lebenssucht vocals S Caedes says: “This video deals with the concept of losing a loved one. In this case, Jenny Zimmermann who was my childhood best friend. Jenny was killed while travelling home from a day out in the city by an oncoming train.

A Hole in My Heart was written with the intention of dedicating it to Jenny in memory of her life. The lyrics concern the horrific feeling I had at the time, like a sixth sense and my following understanding that this tragedy had actually unfolded.

I found out a few days after from a phone call that broke the news. I was not there, but in a strange way, I felt like I was. The video conveys the mysterious bad feeling I had, the brutality of acceptance and the burden of loss on the human soul. I feel honoured to immortalise my gratitude for Jenny’s friendship through artistic expression and know that this sentiment will resonate with many others.”

The album ‘-273,15°C‘ is still available for purchase on bandcamp:

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