The dynamic and darkly inclined LEXI LAYNE has unleashed a single/video for the track “Dominate”. This track brings an epic goth club feel with high energy electronics and a seductive mood. “Dominate” is taken from LEXI LAYNE’s debut EP Sinner and Saint.

Watch the video here

LEXI LAYNE – new single “Dominate” out now!

“I am thrilled to be releasing my first EP on August 6th. It has been a long, beautiful and at sometimes hard road to get this done the way I’ve wanted it, but it’s finally here! I really want my fans to connect personally with each song they hear and create their own story. There are so many highs and lows with my music, a dark yet beautiful roller coaster.” – LEXI

LEXI LAYNE - new single "Dominate" out now!
LEXI LAYNE – new single “Dominate” out now!

Drawing influences from a range of bands including WITHIN TEMPTATION, JINJER, PVRIS, and RIVALS, the EP combines epic electronics, with soaring vocals and heavy instrumentation. The huge sound of “Dominate”, with LEXI’s seductive vocals, produce a compelling effect. Creative use of percussive instruments in “Bloodless” delves into a world of sound that is drastically different. Accompanied by a serene clean guitar lead, the performance feels more intimate and emotional, whilst also adding a progressive twist. Artfully crafted vocal harmonies are unveiled in “Lost Soul” while “Sinner and Saint” sees LEXI embrace vocal styles more typical of pop music, contrasted with dark lyrical content and orchestral backing. Sinner and Saint draws to a close with an eerie impact as an ethereal choir descends into dissonance and darkness.

Exploring the never-ending strife of good and evil experienced as part of the human condition, LEXI delivers a wide array of powerful soundscapes and musical styles in Sinner and Saint. Raw emotion exudes from LEXI’s vocals, complementing the instrumentation with a dramatic effect. Sinner and Saint is an enchanting discovery through dark yet beautiful thoughts of a curious mind.


Lexi Layne- Lead vocalist
Clint Fowler- production/ guitar, bass