Devastating doom laden riffs, riddled with melancholic, blackened harmonies driven all the way to hell by the marching beats of heresy, are woven through majestic orchestral and choral passages, haunted by piano melodies from the spirit realm and seething violin motifs that ooze the seductive darkness of Eastern European folk… Cavernous, guttural growls and screams which on occasion retreat to sedated sorrow, in tandem with soaring, rich soprano sirens and ethereal elven tones, telltales of loss and despair, of a premature burial, of a drunken esbat, of a cannibalistic apocalypse and of daemonic seduction…. you are invited to attend ‘A Funeral of Innocence‘ – the debut opus from Ligeia Wept.

Originally founded by Alister in 2006, Ligeia Wept has gone through countless line up changes, with a complete hiatus taking place between 2009 and 2012. In 2019 it all came together, with a talented group all contributing to the final recording, including Xen of Ne Obliviscaris (session vocals) and Emily of Suldusk (session vocals).

Track listing:

1.Her Name in Countless Years Lies Buried(instrumental) (2:01)
2.She Arose Unto a Dying Kiss (12:17)
3.A Hallowed Suffering Rode Upon the Ninth (9:13)
4.Empty into Void Spiritus Mundi (13:29)
5.A Savage Winter Wrought of an Unclean Garden (10:18)
6.Blood and Shadows did Bequeath Thee Pleasures Vast (13:53)

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