LOVEBITES: new live album out now

Japanese metal band LOVEBITES celebrate the glory of live music with their most heavy metal live experience so far.

LOVEBITES: new live album

LOVEBITES Celebrates the Glory of Live Music with ‘HEAVY METAL NEVER DIES’

Japanese metal band LOVEBITES celebrate the glory of live music with their most heavy metal live experience so far.

Entitled HEAVY METAL NEVER DIES, LOVEBITES captures the essence of what it means to put on a metal show with this 2CD live album and video on demand release from 5 November 2020.

Recorded at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL within the limits of Japan’s coronavirus restrictions, where venue capacity was limited and fans were not allowed to cheer, LOVEBITES set out to show that even with such limits, HEAVY METAL NEVER DIES!

The live album features 2CDs, a 16-page booklet with live photos, and an exclusive additional booklet featuring four pages of lore and liner notes surrounding the release.

There will also be a bundle with a t-shirt featuring the cover art, as well as another bundle with these as we as the video on the demand performance and a tour pass.

The video on demand is also available separately and includes English subtitles. Order here.

Drummer Haruna comments, “We needed to have an even more ‘heavy metal’ show than usual. From huge stage sets to bold opening images to, special effects such as pillars of fire and snow. We aimed to deliver a theatrical and dynamic ‘heavy metal show’.”

HEAVY METAL NEVER DIES boasts a total of 19 tracks, including seven songs performed live for the very first time. Among these are ‘SET THE WORLD ON FIRE’ accompanied by pillars of fire, ‘A FROZEN SERENADE’ performed while snow falls, and ‘SPELLBOUND’ featuring Miyako playing keytar for the first time, as well as other exciting stage productions.

Regarding the title HEAVY METAL NEVER DIES, vocalist Asami comments:

“During the pandemic we couldn’t hold a performance without following various rules and restrictions to control the spread of the virus. Although we can still perform, it’s very difficult in terms of performance implementation, especially for music such a heavy metal. That’s precisely why we gave it this name.

As LOVEBITES we can play metal and give fans hope. We wanted to convey the idea that ‘we will not let metal die’ with this tour.”

Haruna concludes:

“Despite being able to perform at half of the planned capacity, now even those who couldn’t make it inside of the venue can experience our live performance. I hope you can feel the excitement and power of that day through this release.”

Heavy Metal Never Dies front cover

Disc One
1. Ride For Vengeance (Intro)
2. When Destinies Align
3. The Crusade
4. Golden Destination
5. Set The World On Fire
6. Shadowmaker
7. Today Is The Day
8. Winds Of Transylvania
9. Spellbound
10. The Unbroken

Disc Two
1. A Frozen Serenade
2. Swan Song
3. Glory To The World
4. The Apocalypse
5. M.D.O.
6. Don’t Bite The Dust
7. Holy War
8. Thunder Vengeance
9. Under The Red Sky

2CD Edition Includes:
• 2CDs.
• 19-tracks.
• 16-page booklet with live photos.
• Additional English booklet with lore and liner notes.

Video on Demand Edition Includes:
• 126 minute run time, including full concert and backstage comment.
• English subtitles.
• Bonus LOVEBITES introduction video.
• Available to stream on demand.

Limited Edition Bundle Includes:
• Everything included with the 2CD edition.
• Everything included in the video on demand edition.
• Limited edition laminated tour pass.
• T-shirt (printed using UK sizes).

Digital Album Includes:
• All 19-tracks available to download /stream.
• Available as a high definition Apple Audio Master from Apple Music and iTunes.

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