LVXURI (featuring Sara Timms of Black Mare, Ides Of Gemini, Black Math Horseman) – new single “Headlights” out now


Watch: “Headlights” official video at CVLT Nation or YouTube

 is the new project of Sara Timms (Black Mare, Ides Of Gemini, Black Math Horseman). Today LVXURI is pleased to present the official video for “Headlights” the band’s latest single. The video, which was directed by Sean Russel Herman and Mac Kotas,, debuted today at CVLT Nation and can also be shared at YouTube. “Headlights” is the first in a series of singles in which Timms enlisted cohort Dylan Neal of the band Thief, to co-write and produce. The single will be available on all streaming platforms this Friday to add to your favorite playlists (pre-order / pre-save).LVXURI sounds a bit different than what you might expect. Up until now, Timms’ body of work has been dark, heavy, existential and atmospheric. LVXURI is fronted by a glamorous, buxom, cigar smoking chanteuse called Aurora Dawn. When Sara is asked how she arrived at such a vastly different visual and sonic style than her previous work, she explains that Aurora Dawn and LVXURI simply showed up in her psyche after an extended psycho-spirtual break with reality, and seemed to be the only world which felt real to her for a time. The thin line between madness and creativity is one Timms knows quite well, and has found a harmony with by allowing this identity and its various accoutrements to exist in the creative sphere. 

LVXURI reveals a new body, which will house a new and different canon of work which she calls her “Solar Temple.” Aurora Dawn is an amalgamation of an idealized feminine identity, the wandering fortune teller, and the alien erotic dancer seeking to please her mate, the sun, her audience beloved, and herself, as servant of Love. 

This round of music and video singles still carries her trademark serpentine rhythms, and reflective lyrical themes, with a sleek pop production polish. This time we find ourselves pulsing to the beat of falling stars, celebrating our existence, and playfully dancing through a cosmic Twin Peaks carnival like world of strange wonder. 

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