MARIANGELA DEMURTAS - Crowdfunding campaign launched


Gothic metal singer MARIANGELA DEMURTAS has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indigogo for her upcoming release. The album was recorded in UltraSoundStudios / Öhme Studios by Daniel Cardoso of Anathema.

MARIANGELA commented:

I have been working on these songs so long that I think it is hard to repeat such authenticity again. They sound exactly like I wanted them to sound. They are not happy songs but they can actually heal your heart and emotions. I  feel like I have never entered my heart so deeply before!  promise you will be delighted by the songs!”

The Indigogo campaign not only includes being able to purchase the CD or digital download, but you can also claim many other perks as well.

Support the campaign here:

Watch Mary’s video message about the campaign:

MARIANGELA DEMURTAS – Crowdfunding campaign launched

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