Symphonic extreme metal beasts Martyrium are releasing today their new and most ambitious record to date. More devastating than ever, they’re unleashing “Lamia Satanica“, a masterpiece full of sinful references, epic orchestral arrangements and haunting growls straight from the afterlife, joining them their new vocalist Sandra Misanthrope.
Discover one of the extreme jewels of the year.

Recently the band has also unveiled the lyric video for the song “Sacred Book of Baal”.

Watch the clip down below:

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The album cover + tracklist:

  1. In Somnium Mortuum Filii
  2. Sacred Book of Baal
  3. Starless Opacity
  4. End of My Realm
  5. Emanation of Souls
  6. Curse of Salvation
  7. Order to Fly
  8. A Stain on Hera’s Throne
  9. Venom Divine
  10. Betrothed to Damnation