10 years after their debut album “The Phoenix“, Mastercastle band released a limited edition vinyl of it (available the following link: www.mastercastle.net )

Moreover the band released the new single “Still in the Flesh”, containing a Pink Floyd cover track, two live tracks and one b-side track. The single is available for download and digital streaming at the following link: 
www, mastercastle.net

The singer Giorgia Gueglio says: “Ten years of intense musical activity, thanks to which we have realeased six critically acclaimed albums, several video clips, great satisfactions . A great thank to band members (Pier Gonella, Steve Vawamas, Alessio Spallarossa), to Lion Music Records for this new release and for supporting our first four albums, to Scarlet Records for supporting and publishing subsequent albums, but first all Rock Heads that listen and follow us daily“.

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