MEG MYERS: second single out now

Today, Billboard charting artist Meg Myers is releasing the second lead single from her much anticipated third album, “MY MIRROR” — listen HERE. The album—TZIA— will release on Friday, March 24th


Today, Billboard charting artist Meg Myers is releasing the second lead single from her much anticipated third album, “MY MIRROR” — listen HERE. The album—TZIA— will release on Friday, March 24th, and includes her latest single, “ME,” which premiered last month. The music video for “My Mirror” is available to watch HERE

“My Mirror” is an empowering theme, which Myers further explores on the album itself. “From my perspective, we are one universe expressing itself through many physical vessels, remembering itself, getting to know itself. ‘My Mirror’ is really about the importance of relationships and what great reflections they can be to activate the parts of us that have been laying dormant. I believe all types of relationships have the power to significantly shift us into greater levels of awareness and bring accelerated growth when we are willing to learn from them and be open to understanding their true purpose.”

The energy on TZIA is palpable. You can taste Meg’s furious feminist energy when she often flaunts her multi-hyphenate genre-spanning style as she oscillates between themes of empowerment and self-doubt. About the album, Meg commented, “TZIA is the manifestation of a 4-year-long journey of healing, existential awakening, transformation, and rebirth. I am so grateful to be able to share this light and the insights I have gained with you through this exploration and expression of my deepest and most raw and honest feelings that have emerged from this period of self-reflection.”

Meg Myers chooses to live. Now, this choice has required time and transformation as well as unshackling herself from the expectations of a society too narcissistic to give a shit, trusting her gut independent of external opinions, listening to her intuition, and writing the kind of music she always wanted to. As such, her third full-length album, TZIA [Sumerian Records], soundtracks a moment of awakening emotionally, sexually, and spiritually in bursts of raw power, electronic fits, alternative experimentation, and jarring pop. Meg has dedicated the better part of the last decade to breaking free. She has piled up hundreds of millions of streams across albums such as Sorry [2015] and Take Me To The Disco [2018] highlighted by the likes of “Desire,” “Sorry,” “Numb,” and “Make A Shadow.” Along the way, she has canvassed the country alongside the Pixies, Alt-J, Alanis Morissette, My Chemical Romance, Royal Blood, Smashing Pumpkins, and Jane’s Addiction in addition to igniting Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! and gracing the bills of Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Governors Ball. Pre-Stranger Things, she breathed fire into Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” with a stunning rendition initially introduced on NPR Tiny Desk. The cover made history by capturing #1 on the Billboard Alternative Chart 42 weeks after its release. She’s also earned the praise of Billboard, Cosmopolitan,, Nylon, Rolling Stone, and more. Beginning in 2019, she crafted the bulk of what would become TZIA at home in Los Angeles with just a piano, guitar, and ukulele before rounding out the process with collaborators such as Andy D. Park, Thomas Powers, and Mike Elizondo. Now, she kicks off this era with “ME” and more to come. 

MEG MYERS: second single out now
MEG MYERS: second single out now

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