MOIRAI: announce forthcoming album

Medieval music specialists MOIRAI have unveiled the captivating new video ‘Völuspá I‘, reciting original Norse Eddic poetry as the first single taken from their forthcoming album Blood Treasure, Woven Fates“, which is slated for release on August 5, 2022. The American-Swiss-French trio is also revealing cover art, tracklist, and further details of their debut full-length. All album information can be viewed below

The single ‘Völuspá I’ (“The Prophecy of the Seeress”) is now available for immediate publication

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MOIRAI comment: “Völuspá, the prophecy of the seeress, offers a reflection on the force of creation, the flame of inspiration, the creative spark that brings the birth of the world”, flute-player and vocalist Mara Winter writes. “The simple rhythmical pattern of the early medieval lyre accompanies this meditative chant on the mythological creation of the world.”

MOIRAI: announce forthcoming album

1. Völuspá I
2. Sigrdrífa
3. Rúnar
4. Brynhildr ok Sigurðr
5. Guðrún
6. Eiða svarna
7. Helreið
8. At Gunnars höllo
9. Atli
10. Völuspá II  

MOIRAI were conceived as an American-Swiss duo creating songs in the context of “Alte Musik” (“old music”). The beautiful voices of Hanna Marti and Mara Winter are combined with a sparing yet very effective use of acoustic instrumentation. In addition to their singing, Hanna plays lyre and Mara the flute, which she also does in a recently begun residential role in SANGRE DE MUERDAGO. They expanded to a trio when French musician Félix Verry joined and brought his subtle fiddle playing to the group. Mara Winter was formerly the vocalist and keyboard player in the Cascadian black metal band EIGENLICHT, before moving from Olympia, USA to the Swiss city of Basel (CH) to form MOIRAI with Hanna Marti in October 2015. Hanna performs frequently with the legendary medieval music ensemble SEQUENTIA. Félix and Mara also released three albums together as the experimental dungeon synth duo URGHUN.

With “Blood Treasure, Woven Fates”, MOIRAI take us on a captivating journey through Germanic space and time. The epic tale of the hero Sigurd might go back as far as the migration period, which began with the Huns pushing Germanic tribes into the territories of the late Roman Empire, which was already weakened by internal strife until it fell. Whatever his original story was, it got reshaped again and again through the centuries until a version of it reached the North at the latest by the time of the Viking expansions, and finally was written down by Christian monks in the medieval period.

In their musical retelling “Blood Treasure, Woven Fates”, MOIRAI join the present with an age of dragons, swords, old gods, valkyries, and heroes through their exciting recital of Old Norse literary monuments – and let us experience ancient emotions that are otherwise hidden by the veils of time. 

Release date: August 5, 2022

Line-up Hanna Marti – vocals, lyre
Mara Winter – flute, vocals
Félix Verry – fiddle

Style: Experimental Medieval Music


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