Dream-pop duo Moon Panda are sharing their new single Slow Drive, the latest track to be taken from their forthcoming new MAKE WELL EP, which is set for release on July 3rd.


For Moon Panda (Californian songwriter / bassist Maddy Myers and Danish guitarist Gustav Moltke), 2020 is a year in which honesty has become inescapable. At first their instinct had been to try and separate their relationship from their music but now the pair are being open about the inextricable link between their marriage and their work as Moon Panda. The MAKE WELL EP sees them reflect on where they are, what has happened along the way, and what needs to happen before they can look towards the future.

“All in all it’s about healing, both together and by ourselves. It’s been the toughest year yet. But we’ve been together, and that’s something”, says Myers.

The MAKE WELL EP’s latest single Slow Drive is a soft-focus delight. Myers explains: “I started this song during one of the 3-4 month stints when Gustav and I were stuck apart from each other in our home countries. The time difference made it tough to connect and I found myself having trouble sleeping and getting a little anxious. I wrote the bass and lyrics to this song as a way to calm myself down and find some inner peace. When we were together again, we turned it into a full song. I still feel a sense of inner peace every time we play it.”

In their case, having time with the one you love has been easier said than done. “We’ve had (and continue to have) a hell of a time staying in the same country,” Myers continues, “spending many months apart with no clue when we’ll be able to be together again has been a huge part of both our relationship and our music.”

To Moon Panda, these difficulties felt mirrored by some of the wider issues in the world at the moment, “breaking into pieces and putting up walls. Tearing apart people that should be able to be together.”

Having toured throughout the UK and Denmark, including notable shows supporting the Japanese House, Slow Club and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, the Moon Panda live show is one to keep an eye out for.

MAKE WELL EP tracklisting:

1. Rick F*** Dalton
2. Sirens
3. It’s Nothing
4. Slow Drive
5. Milky Way

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