MOONLIGHT HAZE: vinyl out now

Symphonic metallers Moonlight Haze announce the vinyl reissues of their entire discography. Learn more on our blog.

MOONLIGHT HAZE: vinyl out now

Entire discography available on vinyl

On February 17 Scarlet Records will release the vinyl reissues of the three Moonlight Haze albums: “De Rerum Natura” (2019), “Lunaris” (2020) and “Animus” (2022).


MOONLIGHT HAZE: vinyl out now
MOONLIGHT HAZE: vinyl out now

“De Rerum Natura” and “Lunaris” will be available for the first time in two different colors (marbled black & green and marbled black & blue, respectively), while “Animus” will be released in a new marbled yellow version.

The three discs have been specially remastered for the vinyl release

‘After the release of “Animus”, all our albums sold out and this literally left us speechless! It’s a great honor for us and we can’t help but thank you for your support. Furthermore, you have been asking us for a long time to publish the first two works also on vinyl and we are happy to finally be able to satisfy you”

Chiara Tricarico

MOONLIGHT HAZE: vinyl out now

Il 5 aprile i Moonight Haze saranno gli ospiti speciali del concerto dei Vision Of Atlantis all’Alchemica di Bologna.

Moonlight Haze are:

Chiara Tricarico – vocals

Marco Falanga – guitars

Alberto Melinato – guitars

Alessandro Jacobi – bass

Giulio Capone – drums and keys

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