MVSSIE – new song “Monsters Under My Bed” out now


Sacramento, California singer/songwriter MVSSIE released her newest single titled “Monsters Under My Bed” to all digital outlets today. The single was produced by Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft (Escape the Fate).

Listen to the song here.

“Two words: real. life.
Life is messy and beautiful but there aren’t enough artists talking about it. Massie creates music to connect people through real life experiences. She opens a dialogue about the things no one wants to talk about: struggle, heartbreak, anxiety, pressure, self confidence, worth, and even love, excitement, well-being, comfort, and recovery.
Music has always been therapy for Massie, through her darkest hours and her most incredible life experiences. Massie hopes to make people FEEL something by capturing those real life emotions and experiences in her music” says Mvssie.

She continues, “I think we have all been in a place where we don’t want to face reality. We don’t want to make a decision because we are afraid of what the consequences might be. I wanted to capture that anxiety in a simple and raw way anyone could relate to. How I pictured that anxiety was being a little kid, scared of monsters under my bed because who hasn’t had that overwhelming fear. Unless you’re a fucking psychopath.”

Mvssie is a singer/ songwriter from Sacramento, CA. Hailing from a diverse background of musical endeavors, she is gifted with a wide vocal range, from smooth airy melodies to driving edgy choruses. Since she was 10 years of age, she has been writing her own songs in relation to life events and emotion.

Throughout her music journey she has worked with Thrasher, who has engineered for artists such as, Travis Barker, Machine Gun Kelly, jxdn, and more. In addition to working with Thrasher, she has worked with Earl Cohen, a Grammy award winning producer in New York, Brian Grider and Misha Hercules, based in Los Angeles.

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