NEMOPHILA – Video comment released

Japanese rock band NEMOPHILA have recorded a special video message for overseas fans. It comes ahead of their exclusive overseas album OIRAN Extended Edition, out from 25 June; and their pre-recorded live performance ‘Soko to Koko’, available to stream from 19 June 2021.

In the video message vocalist mayu speaks in Japanese about the concept behind OIRAN Extended Edition, followed by guitarist SAKI who offers further information in English. SAKI offers up some previously unannounced details about the album too. As well as latest track DISSENSION being exclusively re-recorded in full English for the album, all of the band’s previous material will also sound fresh as all tracks have been remastered for OIRAN Extended Edition too.

Watch the full video below, and hopefully see NEMOPHILA on a stage near you soon.

NEMOPHILA will be broadcasting their pre-recorded performance entitled ‘Streaming Live ~Soko to Koko~’ from Saturday 19 June, 20201. It will be the first time the footage has been shown, and as the title suggests (Soko to Koko: directly meaning “There and Here”), the band wants to connect with people all over the world as if they were there in the same room.

Streaming Live ~Soko to Koko~ will contain 2 live performance segments. Part one will be a shorter segment and will be streamed from YouTube. Part two, the main live segment, will be available from this link. Tickets cost ¥3000 (around £19 / €22.50 / $27) and a bonus video is also included of the members with their “daily faces”.

The stream begins from 10am (BST) / 11am (CEST) / 5am (EST) / 2am (PT) / 6pm (JST) on Saturday 19 June.

Footage will be viewable until Tuesday 22 June.