Swedish psychedelic rock orchestra Nephila release “Belladonna” on Friday, March the 5th. “Belladonna” is the second single leading up to the band’s debut album “Nephila”.

Nephila release “Belladonna” single

Stream the single: https://orcd.co/belladonna

Nephila is the latest addition to The Sign Records. Offering a dreamy and psychedelic sound expressed with theatrical visualizations, the band is set to release their self-titled debut album in summer 2021.

Following the single “White Bones” which was released in January, “Belladonna” is the second single from Nephila’s upcoming album. With tasteful use of synths and stunning vocal harmonies provided by the band‘s 2 lead singers, “Belladonna” throws you into a psychedelic journey, guided by a lyrical message tackling environmental degradation.

The band explains “Belladonna”;

“Belladonna is about the environmental crisis the earth is facing, but from Mother Earth‘s perspective. She‘s begging for mercy before her time has run out and glory days have long since past. She brings life to us, but we bring death to her.”