NIGHTWISH – “Once” remastered version available

NIGHTWISH releases its tribute to the manifesto that the band gifted the world 18 yrs ago. “Once” is available as a remastered version with b-tracks.

NIGHTWISH – “Once” remastered version out now

Today, NIGHTWISH release their tribute to the manifesto that they gifted the world 18 years ago: The Finnish metal legends release their fifth studio album “Once” as a remastered version with bonus tracks in the different formats.

The masterpiece that was originally released June 7th 2004 would not only change the lives of its creators but also influence thousands of people all over the world for years to come. “Once” changed the metal world completely and made the band living legends.

Order your copy of “Once” (Remastered) here:

Maestro Tuomas Holopainen stated earlier:
“Nostalgia is a powerful tool. I easily remember what those days surrounding the release of the record were like. The excitement, the ambition, the comradeship, the triumphant tour to come, it was all there, about to carry the band to another level, musically and journey wise.”

“Once” was not only a unique milestone for the band, it also sealed the long-term relationship between Nuclear Blast Records and NIGHTWISH – a bond that has been unbroken until today. It climbed up to #1 in the album charts in Germany, Finland, Norway and Greece, achieving triple platinum status in Finland with more than 90.000 CDs sold, triple gold status in Germany with more than 300.000 sold CDs and gold status in Switzerland, Austria and Norway.

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