NOCTURNA: album details

Nocturna has revealed the details of the debut album ‘Daughters of the Night’ – set to be released on January 14.

Nocturna is focused on the duality of founder and frontwomen Grace Darkling e Rehn Stillnight, both pictured in the beautiful artwork. Their powerful voices and charismatic personalities stand out on the whole record, each one with a very distinct tone.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andrea Fusini at Fusix Studio, ‘Daughters of the Night’ mixes Gothic Symphonic and Power metal elements, alternating between fast & heavy neck breaking episodes and intense, piano-oriented ballads.

The concept of duality is particularly noticeable in the lyrics too – portraying some romantic, decadent and Miltonian landscapes.

The tracklist is as follows:

Nocturna: Daughters Of The Night album front cover

1.   Spectral Ruins
2.   New Evil
3.   Daughters of the Night
4.   The Sorrow Path
5.   Sea of Fire
6.   Blood of Heaven
7.   In This Tragedy
8.   Darkest Days
9.   Nocturnal Whispers
10.  The Trickster